College Students Defying Division

You’re part of the most religiously diverse generation our country has ever seen. That diversity isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing — it’s just a fact. It’s how you engage with it that matters. 

Differences of faith and worldview have the potential to push society apart and we see a rise in this kind of polarization around us every day. But those same differences can be actively engaged to bring people together in common action to tackle our most important challenges. 

That’s interfaith cooperation. But it takes the right skills and practice to make it happen - and that’s where IFYC comes in. 

Across more than 460 campuses IFYC helps rising leaders learn to engage difference positively, lead fearlessly, and connect to thousands of peers who share a vision for a diverse yet indivisible future. Whether you’re religious or not, see yourself as a leader or not, you have a role to play in this student-led movement. You bring the passion, and we’ll give you the opportunities and support to make a difference.  

Our programs and resources linked above, let you build your interfaith leadership based on what’s most important to you. Join the IFYC student network today to gain access to online and in-person opportunities for learning, leading, and connecting. You can also ask for help and support from IFYC staff on

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