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Using and Sharing Assessment Findings: Turning Data into Interfaith Action

This resource explains strategies for using your assessment findings and identifying audiences who could benefit from these insights. The information that follows will help you: 

  • Explain different types of decisions on campus that could be informed by your assessment findings.
  • Identify specific audiences who could benefit from your assessment findings and various modalities for sharing your insights.

The central purpose of assessment is to collect information that informs decisions on our campuses. You may have collected information from students—for example, through a survey, reflection narrative, or a course assignment—about what they learned from participating in an interfaith learning opportunity. Perhaps you gathered information from students and employees—for instance, by administering a campus-wide survey or offering focus groups—about how they view their campus climate for religious diversity. In either case, the information you collected provides opportunities to gain important insights about students’ learning or your campus climate and identify potential changes or improvements.