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Constructing Surveys for Interfaith Assessment

Surveying is a useful form of assessment that can be employed in a range of contexts and for various purposes to advance interfaith work. Whether brief questionnaires to collect snippets of feedback after an educational experience or longer forms to understand multiple perspectives on department services, surveys are important for assessing interfaith work on campus. This resource provides several important tips educators should keep in mind when developing and administering surveys.

Is a Survey Your Best Option?

When deciding whether to use a survey, determine whether it is the most appropriate tool to get the feedback you need. Surveys should never be done just because they seem like the easiest path to interfaith assessment. Poorly constructed surveys can produce misleading and/or perplexing results. If you decide that a survey is the best option for capturing information you need, then we recommend you collaborate with assessment or institutional research offices for support constructing meaningful and sound survey questions. Particularly for longer and/ or perennial surveys, these professionals can provide insights and tips that will save you from confusing and potentially less useful results. However, if this is not feasible, consider the following tips and tricks to create a survey that collects quality information.