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Interfaith Cooperation on Campus

IFYC works in higher education, partnering with U.S. colleges and universities to make interfaith cooperation a vital part of the college experience, and ultimately a positive force in our society.

We believe that a less divided and more pluralistic future requires new leaders at its core. When they leave college equipped with the vision, knowledge, and skills to positively engage difference, our religiously diverse democracy can and will flourish.

Throughout American history campuses have incubated transformative social movements - civil rights, gender equality, environmentalism - and shaped their leaders. That’s why IFYC’s strategy is rooted in the power and promise of U.S. higher education.  

Our various programs and initiatives equip campus leaders and help energize their efforts. IFYC offers free tools and other knowledge resources to students and educators, we offer grants and other funding, we organize spaces (real and virtual) to get training and share ideas, we advance research to help U.S. higher education find solutions and establish best practices, and we work directly with institutions who need a partner in engaging complex issues of religious and worldview diversity.  

No matter your role on campus, joining the IFYC Network gives you news, knowledge, and opportunities to advance interfaith cooperation.


Rising leaders at the core of change, who IFYC helps train and connect to a movement for interfaith cooperation


Uniquely positioned to lead a larger cultural shift by engaging interfaith ideas in the classroom

campus staff & administrators

Engaging worldview diversity and creating the spaces for positive engagement across campus