As Ramadan Ends, Muslims Celebrate a Legacy of Service in Chicago

People gathered for a community iftar and Maghrib prayers during a final evening of Ramadan last week outside the IMAN offices on 63rd Street in Chicago. Photo courtesy of IMAN.

The Inner-City Muslim Action Network opened its doors 25 years ago to serve its Chicago neighborhood, fight poverty, inspire Muslims to engage in community outreach, and more. Over the years, its staff and volunteers have organized a growing menu of services focused on community health and wellness, including arts events; a health clinic; a food pantry; and a “Green Reentry” program to support, educate and train formerly incarcerated people.

IMAN also runs programs in Atlanta and has become a model for nonprofits rooted in Muslim faith and values. Its founder, Rami Nashashibi, was honored as a MacArthur Fellow in 2017.

In March, IMAN opened the Go Green Community Fresh Market to bring healthy produce – and jobs – to Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. IMAN marked the closing days of Ramadan and its 25th anniversary last week with a community iftar, the evening meal that ends the daily Ramadan fast.



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